Who we are

GEOEG is an international consulting firm bringing together a collective of engineers, scientists, inventors, designers, and urban planners to shape a sustainable and resilient future for urban areas. Through international experience, our team provides local geoenergy solutions, which offer innovation, carbon neutrality and performance. A sound technical preparation of our team, which benefits from a close relationship with some of the world’s best research universities, allows us to be at the leading edge of visionary projects and address some of the most urgent challenges for built and natural environments.

What we do

At GEOEG, we foster the multiple roles of the underground as a spatial, material, and resourceful medium to structurally sustain cities while providing them with new livable spaces and renewable energy for uses above and below the surface. Our expertise is geoenergy. Through a multidisciplinary approach, we contribute to the planning, design and construction of some of the world’s most technically disruptive and environmentally friendly buildings and infrastructures. We accompany real estate, architects, engineers, urban planners and construction companies in the development of solutions offering structural support and/or renewable energy supply to any building, infrastructure or city district. Through advanced design methods and tools, our team provides clients with projects characterized by optimal features and guides them in the realization of the provided solutions. Based on well-proven methods and tools, our team also validates design and operation assumptions thanks to on-site characterizations and certifications of installations. All of these activities allow developing and retrofitting buildings and infrastructures of the greatest environmental and economic value.

Our vision

We believe that tremendous opportunities for the future of cities lie underground. Through the provision of space and renewable energy, the underground can contribute to critical daily human activities and needs. Moreover, the use of the underground allows achieving resilient urban areas and sustainable communities. These features are of tremendous importance for a world suffering from changes in climate, extreme weather, and environmental pollution. Our total approach aims at making sustainable and resilient urban areas come true for the daily life of all people, through affordable and clean technical solutions that anticipate times and transform today the cities of tomorrow.


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