GEOEG presents some of its references and key news for 2020, and wishes you a year 2021 full of innovation towards a more sustainable future

Design of a mixed energy foundation supporting a new competence center in Lausanne

As part of the new Discovery Learning Laboratory, GEOEG proposed, designed and supervised the execution of a system of energy slabs, energy walls, and energy micropiles to harvest renewable energy from the ground for the heating and cooling of the building. This intervention explicates the ability and complementarity of different energy geostructures in meeting the thermal energy requirements of buildings in a sustainable manner.

Citywide investigation of the subsurface urban heat island for Lausanne

GEOEG has developed for the city of Lausanne a thermal map of the shallow underground to analyze the influence of the heat rejected by building basements, underground infrastructures, sewers, and district heating networks on the thermal behavior of the urban subsurface. The study ultimately targets the development of urban planning strategies for enhancing energy savings as well as minimizing heat losses from buildings. This work includes both an on-site measurement campaign and computer simulation modeling.

Design of a new building operated with 204 geothermal boreholes

Our team performed the design of a geothermal borehole field for the energy supply of a future neighborhood, in collaboration with a HVAC company. This design package included the thermal response test of a full-scale geothermal borehole, the calibration of a 3D numerical model of the entire system, and the simulation of the system operation over a period of 50 years.

Joint consortium with Siemens, Datwyler, and Amberg to deploy sustainable data centers underground

GEOEG completes the “Edge computing – Underground!” consortium to provide underground data center solutions with Siemens, Datwyler IT Infra, and Amberg Engineering. This initiative will allow the large-scale deployment of data centers in a more decentralized, less cumbersome, and more secure manner, while recovering waste heat for meeting the heating and hot water production needs of buildings and infrastructures located at the surface.

New partnership with the Amberg group

GEOEG teams up with the Amberg Group, a market leader in underground construction, striving for a smart use of subsurface environments. This partnership will foster the deployment of integrated solutions for the energy recovery and management through underground infrastructures, as well as other innovative solutions enabling an unprecedented exploitation of the subsurface world.

Exposition at the 2021 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism

Our project has been selected to participate to the 2021 Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism, entitled “CROSSROADS Building the Resilient City.” Our project proposes a visionary intervention for the resilient future of the city of Chicago: transforming about 280 km of existing tunnels that lay beneath the city into livable spaces and renewable energy providers for urban life above and below the ground.


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