GEOEG teams up with Innovia GEO, a Canadian company developing innovative geothermal heating and cooling technologies. Innovia GEO has developed a new form of geothermal piles, called GEOPiles, which integrate geothermal functionality into tubular steel foundation piles for enabling their dual use as foundation elements and geothermal heat exchangers.  A pilot project has been operational in the City of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada since February 2021 (more info Here).

Traditional geothermal heating and cooling technology (on the left). Innovative geothermal heating and cooling technology, GEOPiles (on the right).

In the context of this new partnership, GEOEG and Innovia GEO will target the deployment of GEOpiles in the European market, offering a complete solution for the renewable heating and cooling of buildings and infrastructures.

Interested stakeholders across Europe are welcome to contact GEOEG and Innovia GEO for more information about this opportunity.

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