Hundreds of vertical geothermal boreholes for an innovative neighborhood

The Veillon neighborhood in Bussigny, Switzerland, will soon rise on the site formerly occupied by the Veillon VPC house. Lively, urban, and innovative, it will accommodate housing, a hotel, offices, but also shops, local services, and leisure activities. Close to public transport, this new district will respond to contemporary habits of work, accommodation, travel, and consumption. For this project, GEOEG designed a field of more than 200 vertical geothermal boreholes of 300 m in length and performed a thermal response test (TRT) on a trial borehole.

200 vertical geothermal boreholes of 300 m in length

The thermal response test performed on site allowed to characterize the response of the underground to the operation of one borehole and provided key material parameters for the borehole field design. Such a design was performed via 3-D time-dependent thermo-hydraulic finite element simulations lasting 50 years, which allowed to reproduce thermal interaction effects among boreholes and the building operation with accuracy.

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