We accompany you throughout the entire value chain from the early stages of your projects up to its execution.


Assessment of the energy, geotechnical, structural and economic feasibility of your projects:
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Energy, geotechnical and structural pre-design
  • Energy contracting calls for tenders


Development of advanced and tailored numerical models to provide you with the optimal solution for your project of energy, geotechnical and structural systems following national and international performance-based standards.


Support for the safe and efficient implementation of our solutions during the execution:
  • Construction and maintenance guidelines
  • Proposition of equipment and validation of tenders for subcontractors


On-site characterization and certifications of your installations.
  • Thermal response tests: determination of thermal conductivity for soil deposits and thermal resistance for ground heat exchangers
  • Thermal performance tests: determination of minimum operative thermal power of  geothermal systems and energy foundations
  • Laboratory determination of thermal, mechanical and hydraulic properties of soils, rocks and concrete
  • Performance monitoring and optimization based on recorded data and predictive modelling