We model and simulate custom complex thermo-hydro-mechanical problems for research and development or design purposes. We solve these problems with the most advanced numerical software and techniques currently available and have particular expertise on the following subjects:
  • Special geotechnical and structural systems, including but not limited to pile and raft foundations, earth-retaining structures, and other reinforced concrete structures that may or may not be in contact with the ground
  • Complex energy systems, including but not limited to ventilation systems within tunnels and other underground infrastructures, cooling systems for data centers, hydrodynamic models for building physics
Our extensive modeling expertise can cope with evolutionary and time-dependent problems over time-scales lasting from seconds to multiple decades. Our tools further allows us to reproduce from tiny to huge problems over spatial scales that range from the particles of materials to the size of cities. In these endeavors, we are capable to realistically model complex interactions between fluids, solids and/or porous media, with the promise to analyze and predict the ultimate performance of a multitude of engineering applications. These endeavors have one principal goal: understand what is possible to achieve the seemingly impossible.