We work for architecture firms, engineering firms, construction companies, real estates, urban planners, public and private administrations, and general and specialized contractors. We engage in feasibility studies, schematic and detailed designs, “design and build”, and consulting for problem assessment and solving.
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Sustainable, high-performance solutions sharpened to climate change.

Above the well-being of individuals, communities, and the environment there is nothing. With these premises, we design for new or existing buildings the most advanced solutions capable of harnessing green energy, offering maximum energy efficiency, and enabling customized control solutions for indoor comfort, with the aim to improve people’s lives in cities while minimizing our impact on surface ecosystems.

  • Solar energy systems (PVs, solar collectors, etc.).
  • Passive energy solutions (shading devices, building massing and orientation, thermal mass, material optimizations, etc.).
  • Active energy solutions (smart glazings, active façades, etc.).
  • Building control systems for energy and comfort optimization (daylighting control systems, occupancy-based control, etc.).
  • Building energy demand calculations.
  • Personalized building control systems (heated chairs, personal fans, task lighting, etc.).
  • Post-occupancy evaluations.
  • Surface urban heat island assessments and mitigations.
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Sustainable, integrated solutions enabling renewable energy harvesting and storage 24/7.

Below the ground the future quivers and innovation has already taken root. With these premises, we design for new or existing buildings the most advanced solutions capable of offering via the subsurface a continuous and resilient supply and storage of renewable energy sources virtually anywhere, with the aim to make cities smart places for the benefit of people and the conservation of subsurface ecosystems.

  • Shallow geothermal systems (vertical and horizontal geothermal boreholes, groundwater capture systems, thermal coils, etc.).
  • Energy geostructures (energy piles, energy walls, energy slabs, energy anchors, etc.).
  • Energy infrastructures (energy tunnels, energy parkings, etc.).
  • Underground thermal energy storage systems (underground pits, boreholes, piles serving thermal energy storage).
  • Underground data centers (edge computing).
  • District thermal energy systems.
  • Monitoring solutions for underground energy systems (data-driven control tools, etc.).
  • Subsurface urban heat island assessments and mitigations.