ABOVE / subsurface

Underground data center


Flums, South Korea






Proof of concept


Edge computing underground!

GEOEG has teamed up with Datwyler, Amberg Engineering, and Siemens in the Swiss Center for Applied Underground Technologies (SCAUT) to design an unprecedented solution for sustainable data centers, named “Edge Computing Underground!”.

A prototype of such solution is installed at the Hagerbach Test Gallery.

The rationale for constructing data centers underground lies behind the globally increasing urbanization, the advent of the Internet of Things, and the general pressure on surface space use.

The underground provides an outstanding natural protection for data thanks to highly resilient thermal and mechanical conditions. In this context, data centers can be deployed in renovated tunnels, basements and other underground spaces that were previously potentially derelict or have been newly constructed, allowing to achieve feasible solutions in a huge variety of ground conditions thanks to the cutting-edge technology by the Datwyler, Amberg Engineering, Siemens, and GEOEG.
A schematic of the innovative data center solution developed by GEOEG and its partners, together with a video describing such solution, is reported below.
More is described here at “Edge Computing Underground!”.

project summary

1 %
Today, data centres consume 1% of the world electricity.
Accounting for 0,5% of CO2 emissions worldwide.
1 %
40% of the electricity is used for cooling.
1 %
In 2030, data centres are expected to consume 21% of the total electricity demand.
1 %
Our unique cooling solution results in a 20% reduction in energy consumption.
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