Energy geostructures, including the very foundations of buildings, earth-retaining structures, and underground infrastructures, represent an innovative integrated solution for both the structural support and renewable energy supply of any type of built environment. These innovative geostructures embed piping networks with a heat carrier fluid circulating within them that allows to harvest heating and cooling energy from the ground while providing structural support. In this manner, these technologies save considerable time for construction, drilling costs and land usage compared to more conventional geothermal technologies.
In 2019, the energy geostructure solutions designed by GEOEG have been awarded the Solar Impuse Label of efficient solution. The Solar Impulse Label is granted to solutions that meet high standards of both sustainability and profitability, through a strict assessment of the following criteria by an expert review committee: 1) Technological feasibility; 2) Environmental and socio-economic benefit; and 3) Profitability. These requirements are all incorporated at best into energy geostructures, which are a must do for all XXI century buildings and infrastructures.

The energy geostructures developed by GEOEG are a labeled efficient solution for its high standards of sustainability and profitability

At GEOEG, we have designed and performance-tested a multitude of energy geostructures from energy, geotechnical and structural perspectives, with the ultimate aim to sustainably meet the heating and cooling requirements of some of the most environmentally friendly and technologically advanced buildings worldwide. We have also been involved in feasibility studies and designs of energy geostructures for various infrastructures such as metro lines and train stations.
A selection of buildings for which we have designed energy geostructures is presented below. See all of our projects to know more.